Course curriculum

    1. Before we begin...

    2. Lets get beekeeping

    3. Lesson One: Know your equipment

    4. Lesson One Quiz

    5. Lesson Two: Getting your bees

    6. Lesson Two Quiz

    7. Lesson Three: Where to keep your bees

    8. Lesson Three Quiz

    9. Give us your feedback!

About this course

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Begin your beekeeping journey today


“Lots of info packed into these short courses. Great for the beginner and as a refresher for the novice.”


“The mini course was a nice bite sized piece of information, that was quick to view, easy to understand and included a supplemental worksheet that can be used to capture learnings. It is a great resource for individuals new to beekeeping or interested in learning about bees before making the investment in equipment and the bees themselves.”


“Simple, clear language that was easy to access for a beginner. I was able to put my learning into practice right away. I felt confident that the knowledge I was receiving was suited to Beekeeping in Alberta. I can't think of anything I would like to change at the moment.”


Prepare for Level One Beekeeping

The Orientation to Hobby Bee Keeping will give you a great start in your beekeeping journey. If you want to go deeper, then consider the 5-week online Level One Beekeeping course offered as a partnership with NAIT. Join the waitlist for fall enrollment.