Bring Your Beekeeping Dreams to Life

Join bee lovers from across North America who have created productive backyard beehives, launched successful beekeeping businesses, and discovered the joy of producing and sharing their own honey and wax products through the ABC Bees Level One Online Certificate.

This comprehensive course includes 50+ instructional videos, retention activities, and community discussion boards to support your learning, and much more!

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Level One Beekeeping!

    2. Join the Learning Community!

    3. Course Structure

    4. Introductory Survey

    1. Module 1 Introduction

    2. 1.1.a The Honey Bee Family: Reading

    3. 1.1.a The Honey Bee Family: Video

    4. 1.1.a The Honey Bee Family: Review

    5. 1.1.a Retention Activity Instructions

    6. 1.1.a Retention Activity

    7. 1.1.b Inspecting the Brood Chamber: Reading

    8. 1.1.b Inspecting the Brood Chamber: Video

    9. 1.1.b Inspecting the Brood Chamber: Review

    10. 1.1.b Retention Activity Instructions

    11. 1.1.b Retention Activity

    12. 1.1.c Inspecting the Hive: Reading

    13. 1.1.c Inspecting the Hive: Video

    14. 1.1.c Inspecting the Hive: Review

    15. 1.1.c Retention Activity Instructions

    16. 1.1.c Retention Activity

    17. 1.2.a Queen Bees: Reading

    18. 1.2.a Queen Bees: Video

    19. 1.2.a Queen Bees: Review

    20. 1.2.a Retention Activity Instructions

    21. 1.2.a Retention Activity

    22. 1.2.b Drone Bees: Reading

    23. 1.2.b Drone Bees: Video

    24. 1.2.b Drone Bees: Review

    25. 1.2.b Retention Activity Instructions

    26. 1.2.b Retention Activity

    27. 1.2.c Worker Bees: Reading

    28. 1.2.c Worker Bees: Video

    29. 1.2.c Worker Bees: Review

    30. 1.2.c Retention Activity Instructions

    31. 1.2.c Retention Activity

    32. Module 1 Learning Activity

    33. Module 1 Discussion

    34. Module 1 Conclusion

    35. Module 1 Check-In

    36. Module 1 References

    1. Module 2 Introduction

    2. 2.1.a History of Beekeeping and Bee Packages: Reading

    3. 2.1.a History of Beekeeping and Bee Packages: Video

    4. 2.1.a History of Beekeeping and Bee Packages: Review

    5. 2.1.a Retention Activity Instructions

    6. 2.1.a Retention Activity

    7. 2.1.b Nucleus Colonies: Reading

    8. 2.1.b Nucleus Colonies: Video

    9. 2.1.b Nucleus Colonies: Review

    10. 2.1.b Retention Activity Instructions

    11. 2.1.b Retention Activity

    12. 2.1.c Single Colonies: Reading

    13. 2.1.c Single Colonies: Video

    14. 2.1.c Single Colonies: Review

    15. 2.1.c Retention Activity Instructions

    16. 2.1.c Retention Activity

    17. 2.1.d Swarms and Cut-Outs: Reading

    18. 2.1.d Swarms and Cut-Outs: Video

    19. 2.1.d Swarms and Cut-Outs: Review

    20. 2.1.d Retention Activity Instructions

    21. 2.1.d Retention Activity

    22. 2.2.a Essential Beekeeping Equipment: Reading

    23. 2.2.a Essential Beekeeping Equipment: Video

    24. 2.2.a Essential Beekeeping Equipment: Review

    25. 2.2.a Retention Activity Instructions

    26. 2.2.a Retention Activity

    27. 2.2.b Safety and Equipment Considerations: Reading

    28. 2.2.b Safety and Equipment Considerations: Video

    29. 2.2.b Safety and Equipment Considerations: Review

    30. 2.2.b Retention Activity Instructions

    31. 2.2.b Retention Activity

    32. Honey Bee Stings: Facts and Misconceptions

    33. Hive Inspection Sheet

    34. Langstroth Hive Measurements

    35. Module 2 Discussion

    36. Module 2 Learning Activity

    37. Module 2 Conclusion

    38. Module 2 Check-In

    39. Module 2 References

    1. Module 3 Introduction

    2. 3.1.a Pollen and Nectar Flow: Reading

    3. 3.1.a Pollen and Nectar Flow: Video

    4. 3.1.a Pollen and Nectar Flow: Review

    5. 3.1.a Retention Activity Instructions

    6. 3.1.a Retention Activity

    7. 3.1.b Periods of Flow: Reading

    8. 3.1.b Periods of Flow: Video

    9. 3.1.b Periods of Flow: Review

    10. 3.1.b Retention Activity Instructions

    11. 3.1.b Retention Activity

    12. Pollen Colour and Seasonal Demographics

    13. Module 3 Learning Activity

    14. Module 3 Discussion

    15. Module 3 Conclusion

    16. Module 3 Check-In

    17. Module 3 References

    1. Module 4 Introduction

    2. 4.1.a An Introduction to Feeding: Reading

    3. 4.1.a An Introduction to Feeding: Video

    4. 4.1.a An Introduction to Feeding: Review

    5. 4.1.a Retention Activity Instructions

    6. 4.1.a Retention Activity

    7. 4.1.b Approaches to Feeding: Reading

    8. 4.1.b Approaches to Feeding: Video

    9. 4.1.b Approaches to Feeding: Review

    10. 4.1.b Retention Activity Instructions

    11. 4.1.b Retention Activity

    12. 4.2.a Winter Bees: Reading

    13. 4.2.a Winter Bees: Video

    14. 4.2.a Winter Bees: Review

    15. 4.2.a Retention Activity Instructions

    16. 4.2.a Retention Activity

    17. 4.2.b Feeding Schedules: Reading

    18. 4.2.b Feeding Schedules: Video

    19. 4.2.b Feeding Schedules: Review

    20. 4.2.b Retention Activity Instructions

    21. 4.2.b Retention Activity

    22. 4.2.c Pollen Supplementation: Reading

    23. 4.2.c Pollen Supplementation: Video

    24. 4.2.c Pollen Supplementation: Review

    25. 4.2.c Retention Activity Instructions

    26. 4.2.c Retention Activity

    27. Module 4 Learning Activity

    28. Module 4 Discussion

    29. Module 4 Conclusion

    30. Module 4 Check-In

    31. Module 4 References

    1. Module 5 Introduction

    2. 5.1.a Hive Placement: Reading

    3. 5.1.a Hive Placement: Video

    4. 5.1.a Hive Placement: Review

    5. 5.1.a Retention Activity Instructions

    6. 5.1.a Retention Activity

    7. 5.1.b Overcrowding and Attention: Reading

    8. 5.1.b Overcrowding and Attention: Video

    9. 5.1.b Overcrowding and Attention: Review

    10. 5.1.b Retention Activity Instructions

    11. 5.1.b Retention Activity

    12. 5.1.c Pest Management: Reading

    13. 5.1.c Pest Management: Video

    14. 5.1.c Pest Management: Review

    15. 5.1.c Retention Activity Instructions

    16. 5.1.c Retention Activity

    17. 5.2.a Community Considerations: Reading

    18. 5.2.a Community Considerations: Video

    19. 5.2.a Community Considerations: Review

    20. 5.2.a Retention Activity Instructions

    21. 5.2.a Retention Activity

    22. 5.2.b Preventing Drift: Reading

    23. 5.2.b Preventing Drift: Video

    24. 5.2.b Preventing Drift: Review

    25. 5.2.b Retention Activity Instructions

    26. 5.2.b Retention Activity

    27. Land Use and Liability Contract Sample

    28. Module 5 Learning Activity

    29. Module 5 Discussion

    30. Module 5 Conclusion

    31. Module 5 Check-In

    32. Module 5 References

    33. Optional Reading: Urban Beekeeping Pilot Project

About this course

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  • Bylaw Approved Course
  • Complete Anytime, 1 Year Access

Benefits Beyond The Bees

  • Confidence

    Breakthrough self doubt by building your skills and using ABC Bees time-tested techniques to raise a healthy beehive.

  • Clarity

    Outline your vision, identify your strengths, and create actionable goals for your beehive, apiary, or business.

  • Training

    Master the specific skills needed to produce an abundance of honey in a small space, no matter where you live.

  • Support

    Get guidance, encouragement, and support, plus answers to your questions from your instructor.

  • Community

    Create connections, build relationships, and make lifelong friends with fellow beekeepers through our learning

Small Space, Big Impact. No Farm Required!

Learn to keep bees in your own backyard


Eliese Watson

Master Beekeeper

Eliese is the founder and master beekeeper of ABC Bees. Since founding ABC Bees in 2010, it has become the leading beekeeping education company in Canada. Over her career, Eliese has taught beekeeping across North America, been featured in Forbes Magazine, and represented small scale beekeepers to the Canadian Senate. Eliese has developed strong beginner, intermediate, and advanced beekeeping programming that has been shared with thousands of students. Eliese also teaches small-scale apiary production in a 5-week course online to other farmers, hobbyist, and enthusiasts from around the world through the Level One Beekeeping Course.


“When I enrolled in ABC Bees Level One Beekeeping Course, I wanted to learn enough to feel more confident and be more capable looking after my bees. The course was great but what I value even more is the ongoing mentoring and support that Eliese willingly provided. She has an incredible understanding of everything “bees” and remarkable patience for people who are new beekeepers. Eliese and the community of beekeepers that she introduced me to have made my beekeeping easier, more successful and a whole lot of fun.”

Judi Parrot

“Eliese is smart, knowledgeable, personable and just plain nice. Her beekeeping knowledge is far beyond most and she knows how to communicate it. But beyond that she has a charisma that I don’t know how to put into words. People just find it a joy to be around her”

Michael Bush

“I met Eliese many years ago at a Organic Beekeepers Convention in Oracle Arizona. I had never seen so much love and enthusiasm for before or since. I was also lucky enough to come to Calgary and help her when she first started ABC Bees. Along with her enthusiasm is her understanding of bees and her desire to help others. Having kept bees since 1969, I not come across such talent and ability to see bees and help others. Aren’t all of us bee lovers lucky.”

Kirk Anderson

No Travel Required

Carve out more space in your life and yard for raising your own bees. Join our virtual classroom and participate in the ABC Bees Level One Beekeeping Course no matter where you live.

  • Your goals - Grow bees and a life you love

  • Your pace - Learn at your own pace and rewatch the videos as often as you'd like

  • Your schedule - Participate whenever and wherever you'd like

  • Your community - Connect with beekeepers across Canada

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