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    1. Welcome Bee Lovers!

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    1. The First Bee

    2. Vision and Colour

    3. Pollination

    4. The Trade: Pollen and Nectar

    1. Key Garden Components

    2. Assessing Your Space

    3. Soil

    4. Maintenance with Bees in Mind

    1. Basic Plant Types

    2. Types of Planting

    3. Choosing Plants

    4. Top 10 Plants

    1. Additional Resources

    2. Stacey's Gardening for Bees Takeaways

    3. Little Books on Bees

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Stacey Cedergren

Stacey Cedergren is a civil engineer by trade and a lifelong learner by heart. Though always exploring new interests, gardening has been the common thread woven through it all. Stacey found the perfect match in working for ABC Bees, connecting a love of plants with a new-found enthusiasm for teaching people about the world of bees. The natural culmination of this partnership was her research and writing for the Little Books on Bees, Gardening for Bees series. Stacey later went on to complete her Master Gardener Certification and various landscape design and plant maintenance courses. While now focusing on her family, Stacey still enjoys helping friends and family with their gardens and spreading a love of bees to anyone who will listen.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

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